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Regenerative Agriculture with John Roulac of Nutiva: Voting for a Sustainable Future Three Times Per Day



What You Eat Can Help Save the Planet


[01:47] John Roulac is introduced.

[02:23] John tells about his background and how he became so passionate about the environment and regenerative agriculture.

[03:35] John defines regenerative agriculture.

[05:53] John discusses why more is needed than just reducing the creation of carbon.

[08:44] John speaks to the common argument of needing big agriculture because the planet’s population is growing and people can’t be fed without modern farming approaches.

[14:48] John explains the purpose of his article called “Starbucks, Destroyer of the Seas.”

[17:38] John discusses the bee population, technology, and nature.

[19:37] John describes his company, Nutiva.

[21:18] John mentions what needs to happen to ramp up regenerative agriculture.

[24:49] John shares how people can learn more about Nutiva and his work, and where to buy his products.

[25:23] John expresses his thoughts on the impacts of not eating meat.


John W. Roulac is the founder and CEO of Nutiva, the world’s leading organic superfoods brand of hemp, coconut, chia, and red palm superfoods. John founded Nutiva in 1999 with a mission to nourish people and planet. Through his leadership, Nutiva has become the fastest-growing superfoods company on the planet, with a 55 percent annual growth rate since 2002, and has for five years in a row been named one of Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing companies in America. This growth keeps bringing John closer to his dream of a world that places people above profits—one where people everywhere have access to wholesome, organic foods.

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Nutiva® is the world’s leading brand of all-organic hemp foods, coconut oil, red palm oil and chia seeds. We’re a values-driven brand, dedicated to “Nourishing people and planet.” In a world where the industrialized food system has led us down a tangled path, where food choices have been reduced to the lesser-of-evils, and where distrust reigns, we are the champions of the greater good. Tireless seekers of pure and delicious foods that will nourish our bodies and our planet, we have devoted ourselves to a dream, a vision, a mission. We will revolutionize the way the world eats! And in so doing we will bring nourishment and balance, health and well being, sustainability and community to people and planet.

We know change is hard, but we want to make it easy. We went out looking for the kind of foods that packed a powerful amount of nutrition into every bite, so that you could make small changes to big effect. We found superfoods—nutrient-dense powerhouses that can also be grown and processed in a sustainable way. These are foods that are truly good for you and for the planet. They’re foods like hemp and coconut, chia and red palm. They’re organic, full of vital nutrition, easy to use and delicious additions to your diet.

We say food doesn’t have to be a choice between the lesser of evils.

We say let food lead us to a better world.

We say super people deserve superfoods.

We say, come join us in our mission.

Together, we can change the world.

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Nutiva’s Real Food Manifesto


“I think it’s part of our fixation with technology. We’re so into, like, that wind and solar will carry the day, or some new battery technology. And these are obviously important, and we need to stop burning coal and invest in renewables, but equally important is to use regenerative agriculture through a variety of practices such as composting; holistic grazing, which is a more intelligent way to raise animals versus putting them in a pen and cages; growing more diverse crops, cover crops; and the like can really help create more income for the farmers, reduce our inputs, and create a better quality of life for our communities and our globe.”

“Regenerative agriculture not only deals with climate change, it also deals with healthcare; it also deals with finance because healthcare is a huge expense for us.”

“Industrial agriculture will be responsible, along with the petrochemical energy industry, for our current pathway which, in my view, will result in 90 percent of all species on the planet disappearing by 2060—less than 50 years away. And the reason being is that all that carbon is going into the oceans, and the oceans can no longer absorb this.”

“We’re an ocean planet, not a land planet.”



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