Infinite Earth Radio is a weekly podcast featuring thought leaders and change agents who are building smarter more sustainable and more equitable communities and businesses.


About The Podcast

Infinite Earth Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Skeo and the Local Government Commission.

Each week we interview visionary leaders, dedicated government officials, savvy businesses and forward thinking individuals who are working to build smarter, more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities through social and economic inclusion that values the contribution of all citizens and seeks meaningful lives for everyone.

Latest Podcasts

Smart Growth

Rural Economic Development

Topic: Smart Growth and Livable Communities Series – building relationships and keeping rural communities rural Guest & Organization: Kim Dolbow Vann brings more than 20 years of experience and dedication to economic development and the improvement of rural life. As USDA Rural Development State Director, Vann oversees a $6.7 billion portfolio, more than 40 programs…


Lyft – Fighting Climate Change One Ride at a Time

Topic: Smart Growth and Livable Communities Series – transportation, climate change and sustainability goals Guest & Organization: Sam Arons is the Director of Sustainability at Lyft. Sam oversees the company’s sustainability and climate impact efforts. He plays an essential role in helping Lyft achieve its Climate Impact Goals to address the threat posed by global…


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Anacostia Community Museum and Urban Waterways

Topic: Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Environmental Justice and Equitable Development series – the significance of the Anacostia River to Washington DC Guest & Organization: Katrina D. Lashley is Program Coordinator of Urban Waterways at Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum. She received her BA in English Literature and Italian at Rutgers University and earned an MA in…


Replay – Hunger in America – Thinking Outside the Food Pantry

Topic: Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Environmental Justice and Equitable Development series – Taking a Look at Food Insecurity Guest & Organization: Sharon Thornberry is the Community Food Systems Manager at the Oregon Food Bank. Sharon has been a grassroots organizer, trainer and advocate for community food systems, rural communities, and anti-hunger work in Oregon since…


Climate Adaptation

Transitioning Fossil Fuel Communities

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – how communities can prosper economically despite transitions Guest & Organization: Kate Gordon is an internationally recognized expert on the intersection of clean energy and economic development. She wears a number of hats including Partner on the sustainability team of RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners; Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute;…


Transformative Equitable Resilience

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – funding and financing resilience Guest & Organization: Joyce Coffee, is founder and President of Climate Resilience Consulting, a Certified B Corp. She is an accomplished organizational strategist and visionary leader with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors implementing resilience…


Urban Resilience

Urban Heat Island Effects

Topic: Urban Resilience – heat impacts and cooling centers Guest & Organization: As Environmental Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Cynthia is tasked with advancing policy goals that align with WE ACT’s Northern Manhattan Climate Action (NMCA) project, which seeks to increase community participation, within and outside of the government and build neighborhood capacity in response to…


Open Spaces Sacred Places

Topic: Urban Resilience – urban green spaces designed with a purpose Guest & Organization: Fred Smith is the Director of Stringfellow Health Fund Grants at the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama.  He has an Associate of Science degree from Southern Union Community College, Bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Master’s degree in Public Administration—both from…