Infinite Earth Radio is a weekly podcast featuring thought leaders and change agents who are building smarter more sustainable and more equitable communities and businesses.

About The Podcast

Infinite Earth Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Skeo and the Local Government Commission.

Each week we interview visionary leaders, dedicated government officials, savvy businesses and forward thinking individuals who are working to build smarter, more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities through social and economic inclusion that values the contribution of all citizens and seeks meaningful lives for everyone.

Latest Podcasts

Smart Growth


Topic: Smart Growth and Livable Communities Series – data-driven tools to assist in decision making Guest & Organization: Joe DiStefano is Principal and Co-Founder of UrbanFootprint (formerly Calthorpe Analytics). He leverages more than 20 years of experience in land use and transportation planning in leading the development and deployment of the UrbanFootprint software platform. His…


Small Cities and the Transportation Revolution

Topic: Smart Growth and Livable Communities Series – emerging mobility trends Guest & Organization: Christopher Cabaldon was first elected Mayor of West Sacramento in 1998, and is serving his ninth term. He is the first mayor elected directly by the voters of the city, after serving three terms on the city council. The Sacramento Bee…


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Replay – Street Soccer USA: Transforming Lives and Neighborhoods

Topic: The role of sports in increasing social mobility and improving communities Guest & Organization: Lisa Wrightsman is the Regional Program Manager of Street Soccer USA Sacramento and the Founder and Coach of Sacramento Lady Salamanders. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with a concentration in Digital Video from California State University,…


Transportation Inequity in Baltimore

Topic: Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Environmental Justice and Equitable Development Series – transportation inequity Guest & Organization: Tracee Strum-Gilliam, AICP is the Director of Mid-Atlantic Client Solutions for PRR. For her, working at PRR is thrilling! The core part of her position at PRR is to grow the Baltimore office and PRR’s transportation and infrastructure…


Climate Adaptation

Thriving Earth Exchange

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – using science to advance community priorities Guest & Organization: Raj Pandya directs American Geophysical Union (AGU)’s Thriving Earth Exchange (TEX). TEX helps volunteer scientists and community leaders work together to use science, especially Earth and space science, to advance community priorities related to sustainability, resilience, disaster risk reduction,…


Resiliency Planning Success Stories

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – getting adaptation and resilience projects to move forward Guest & Organization: Ellory Monks is co-founder of The Atlas Marketplace, a free online community for public officials upgrading their systems to be stronger, smarter and more sustainable. The Atlas is a hassle-free space where cities come to learn, share, and…


Urban Resilience

Public Transit and Local Leadership

Topic: Urban Resilience Series – public transit that reflects your values Guest & Organization: Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy, with 25 years of experience planning public transit in North America, Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand.  His firm Jarrett Walker and Associates, based in Portland, Oregon, provides transit planning and executive advice to…


Prosperity and Poverty in Urban America

Topic: Urban Resilience Series – growth in American cities Guest & Organization: Alan Mallach is a senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress in Washington, DC. He is the author of many works on housing and planning, including Bringing Buildings Back and Building a Better Urban Future: New Directions for Housing Policies in Weak Market Cities. He has…