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Leadership in a Time of Change



Adjusting to the Rapid Pace of Change

In This Episode:

[02:20] Guest Carl Guardino is introduced.

[03:03] Carl talks about what is being done to stay relevant in technology and innovation.

[05:45] Carl describes what leaders can do to be resilient and to continue to come up with innovative ideas.

[08:05] Carl informs us if this administration’s tax reform proposal is where we need to go in response to the changing economy.

[09:06] Carl shares if this administration is more responsive in terms of listening to the business community.

[12:34] How has congestion impacted business in Silicon Valley, and how have you responded?

[16:34] How are you addressing the housing crisis, and how is it impacting local businesses?

[18:40] Carl speaks about the region’s response to the evolving workforce.

[21:41] Carl shares what cities can do to retain and attract businesses.

[25:10] Carl describes what current leaders should do to prepare and what types of innovation are on the horizon.

[27:21] Kate shares what caught her attention during Carl’s interview.

[28:28] Mike supplies what caught his attention.

[29:14] Kate mentions what she noticed this week in the news.

[33:15] Mike talks about what he read this week in the news.

Guest and Organization:

Carl Guardino, one of Silicon Valley’s most distinguished business and community leaders, is the President and CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy trade association that represents nearly 400 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers.

In February 2007, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Guardino to a four-year term on the California Transportation Commission, and he has been reappointed twice by Governor Jerry Brown. Known throughout the region as a consensus builder, Guardino has championed a number of successful ballot measures, especially in the areas of transportation and housing.

Guardino was born and raised in San Jose and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from San Jose State University, where he is a Distinguished Alumnus. Carl is married to Leslee Guardino. In their spare time, they compete in marathons, triathlons, and duathlons.

Take Away Quotes:

“What we try to explain to executives constantly is, we have a choice as executives: we can be engaged, or we can be enraged. And it’s much more productive and positive to actually be engaged with policymakers making incredibly difficult decisions in their difficult processes. And we, again, try to remind executives, if you’re just going to sit on the sidelines and be frustrated and wring your hands, not only are you not going to be successful in explaining to policymakers the ramifications of a product or services, but you are probably going to end up as dinner rather than at the dinner table when those decisions are made.”

“It has been since 1986 — 31 years ago — since our federal government has made major changes in federal tax law. Thirty-one years ago. eBay didn’t exist, PayPal didn’t exist, Google didn’t exist, Facebook didn’t exist…Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft — none of those companies even existed, let alone a twinkling in our eye of the technologies that they would be creating, and the tax laws haven’t changed in a major way in this nation for three decades.”

“In the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, when we ask individuals about the concerns they talk about in their living rooms, or we’re asking CEOs and senior officers about the concerns that they face as companies here in the region in their boardrooms, the common themes are the same, and they’re the flip side of the same coin: housing and traffic.”

“When it comes to education, we always try to remember in Silicon Valley, it’s cradle through career; from the moment we’re born to the moment we retire, we have to focus on education.”


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