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Green Stormwater Management



Incorporating Green Infrastructure into Street Design

In This Episode:

[01:57] Guest Corinne Kisner is introduced.

[02:10] Corinne shares about the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO).

[02:33] Mike tells about Island Press and NACTO’s book, “The Urban Street Stormwater Guide”.

[03:17] Corinne explains why sustainable stormwater management matters and why transportation officials should be concerned about stormwater management.

[05:12] Corinne gives the benefits of using green stormwater infrastructure in street design.

[06:49] Corinne comments on green stormwater systems making cities more desirable and more attractive places to live.

[08:30] Corinne gives the characteristics of successful city projects.

[11:03] Corinne shares the elements that help make green infrastructure work within a street design.

13 :07 Corinne states the challenges that cities face in stormwater street design.

[14:02] What should be kept in mind when designing or implementing a stormwater street project?

[15:08] Corinne talks about underserved communities using green infrastructure as a community-building, community-investment strategy.

[17:16] Corinne shares whether there is a role for green stormwater infrastructure in areas that have a drier climate.

[17:47] How can green infrastructure projects positively change a city’s growth and development?

[19:06] Is green infrastructure more or less expensive than traditional infrastructure approaches?

[20:35] Is “The Urban Street Stormwater Guide” currently available, and where can people go to buy the book?

[21:25] Corinne discusses what needs to happen next to get more cities to implement green infrastructure as part of their normal course of business.

Guest and Organization:

Corinne Kisner is the Director of Programs at the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO). In this role, she facilitates networks of peer cities working to build safe, sustainable transportation systems and equitable, active cities through better street design and transportation policy. Corinne directs the annual Designing Cities conference and facilitates city policy initiatives on issues such as Vision Zero, planning for automated vehicles, and integrating green stormwater infrastructure into multi-modal street design. Corinne also oversees NACTO’s communications, external partnerships, and leadership development program for city transportation officials.

NACTO’s mission is to build cities as places for people, with safe, sustainable, accessible and equitable transportation choices that support a strong economy and vibrant quality of life.

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Take Away Quotes:

“NACTO is an association of 55 member cities and transit agencies across North America, formed to help exchange best practices and ideas in city transportation and raise the bar nationally to what city transportation can do in cities.”

“We’ve been seeing cities across the country really thinking critically about the design of streets and how that plays in to city goals for sustainability and equity and access and really livable, vibrant cities.”

“The network of cities that we work with are starting to think critically, too, about how streets play a role in the stormwater infrastructure, in the stormwater network within the city. Most streets are very impervious, meaning that water can’t absorb through the concrete or the asphalt into the ground, and so you just get enormous volumes of stormwater runoff running across streets and into storm drains. That really separates water from the natural cycle and causes water pollution and is very expensive to treat and manage.”


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