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Urban Resilience

Open Spaces Sacred Places

Topic: Urban Resilience – urban green spaces designed with a purpose Guest & Organization: Fred Smith is the Director of Stringfellow Health Fund Grants at the Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama. He has an Associate of Science degree from Southern Union Community College, Bachelor’s degree in marketing and a Master’s degree in Public Administration—both from Jacksonville…


Replay – Regenerative Agriculture with John Roulac of Nutiva: Voting for a Sustainable Future Three Times Per Day

Topic: What you eat can help save the planet. Guest & Organization: John W. Roulac is the founder and CEO of Nutiva, the world’s leading organic superfoods brand of hemp, coconut, chia, and red palm superfoods. John founded Nutiva in 1999 with a mission to nourish people and planet. Through his leadership, Nutiva has become…


Public Transit and Local Leadership

Topic: Urban Resilience Series – public transit that reflects your values Guest & Organization: Jarrett Walker is an international consultant in public transit network design and policy, with 25 years of experience planning public transit in North America, Europe, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. His firm Jarrett Walker and Associates, based in Portland, Oregon, provides transit planning and executive advice to clients…


Resilience for All

Topic: Urban Resilience Series – Resiliency planning, equity and community-driven design Guest & Organization: Barbara Brown Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture. Barbara Brown Wilson’s research and teaching focus on the ethics, theory, and practice of sustainable community design and development, and on…


Prosperity and Poverty in Urban America

Topic: Urban Resilience Series – growth in American cities Guest & Organization: Alan Mallach is a senior fellow at the Center for Community Progress in Washington, DC. He is the author of many works on housing and planning, including Bringing Buildings Back and Building a Better Urban Future: New Directions for Housing Policies in Weak Market Cities. He has…