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Smart Growth

Leadership in a Time of Change

Topic: Adjusting to the Rapid Pace of Change In This Episode: [02:20] Guest Carl Guardino is introduced. [03:03] Carl talks about what is being done to stay relevant in technology and innovation. [05:45] Carl describes what leaders can do to be resilient and to continue to come up with innovative ideas. [08:05] Carl informs us…


Bike Boom

Topic: The Future of Cycling as a Mode of Transportation In This Episode: [01:59] Guest Carlton Reid is introduced. [02:49] Carlton explains the history of the bike boom. [07:24] Carlton tells why there was a bike boom in the early ’70s. [09:18] Carlton talks about cycling as a mode of transportation, not just for recreation.…


Put a Price on It

Topic: The State of Carbon Pricing In This Episode: [05:41] Michael shares what brought him to working on carbon pricing. [08:12] Michael addresses how people would feel the impact of a carbon tax. [10:38] How would putting a price on carbon play out? [12:17] Michael comments on the cost of carbon pricing. [13:19] How is…


The Play Everywhere Challenge

Topic: The Importance of Play In This Episode: [01:50] Aisha Alexander is introduced. [02:02] Aisha shares what KaBOOM! is. [02:40] Aisha provides why play opportunities are so important. [04:06] Aisha explains why access to play is an issue. [06:02] Aisha describes the Play Everywhere Challenge. [09:08] Aisha states how people can learn more about KaBOOM!…


Sales Tax Distribution – Equity and Sustainability

Topic: Sales Tax Issues and Impacts In This Episode: [02:27] Guests Bob Lewis, Jim Brasfield, and Sarah Coffin are introduced. [02:57] Jim shares why he’s interested in sales tax and distribution equity. [03:18] Bob tells why he’s interested in sales tax and distribution equity. [03:52] Bob talks about his role as Principal at Development Strategies.…