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Smart Growth

Ethnodrama and Youth Leadership

Topic: Inviting People to Share Their Stories In This Episode: [01:26] Guests Sahdiyah Simpson and Sarah Hobson are introduced. [01:39] Sarah describes Community Allies, ethnodrama, and the STL Youth Smart Growth Leaders program. [04:40] Sahdiyah shares her experience with the STL Youth Smart Growth Leaders program. [05:59] Sahdiyah states what her topic was. [06:19] Sarah explains the mechanics of the…


Reimagining Retail

Topic: Reusing and Revitalizing Retail Spaces In This Episode: [02:57] Guest Michele Reeves is introduced. [04:03] Michele talks about the impact she’s seeing from the decline of retail. [06:52] Michele shares her thoughts about what to do with vacant retail spaces and what some of the obstacles are. [10:48] Michele addresses huge parking lots. [13:32] Michele expresses her thoughts regarding…


Building Communities for an Aging Population

Topic: Planning and Creating Age-Friendly Communities In This Episode: [00:57] Co-host Paul Zykofsky and guests Kathy Sykes and Bill Armbruster are introduced. [01:24] Kathy shares why she’s interested in the field of aging and public health. [01:47] Bill discusses why he’s interested in the field of aging and public health. [02:56] Why is planning for an aging population so…


Market-Driven Water Conservation – AquaShares

Topic: Innovative Solutions for Resilient Water Management In This Episode: [02:43] Guest James Workman is introduced. [03:42] James talks about his book and what motivated him to travel to Africa. [07:13] James shares why he created programming based on what he saw in Africa. [08:50] James describes AquaShares. [11:51] What measures are people taking to reduce their water use? [13:37] James…


Local Leadership

Topic: Creating Successful Communities Through Positive and Determined Leadership In This Episode: [02:36] Guest Mayor Rey Leon is introduced. [02:56] Mayor Leon describes his community. [05:54] Mayor Leon tells how long he’s been mayor. [07:16] Mayor Leon conveys what he would like to accomplish during his time as mayor. [19:20] Mayor Leon gives the status…