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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Government Alliance on Race and Equity

Topic: Strategies and tools for addressing racism personally and professionally Guest & Organization: Dwayne S. Marsh serves as Vice President of Institutional and Sectoral Change at the new Race Forward. The new Race Forward is the union of two leading racial justice non-profit organizations: Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion (CSI). He also serves Deputy Director of Government…


Energy Democracy

Topic: The Connection Between Race and Energy In This Episode: [01:35] Guest Denise Fairchild is introduced. [02:12] Denise explains what energy democracy is and why it’s important. [05:31] How does energy shape our political system? [08:11] Denise talks about the ownership and distribution of energy. [11:03] Denise touches on how a community ownership of energy would work and gives examples…


WE ACT For Environmental Justice

Topic: Looking at the Past, Present, and Future of the Environmental Justice Movement In This Episode: [02:06] Guest Peggy Shepard is introduced. [02:24] Peggy shares of her experience as a journalist. [06:34] Peggy relates how she made the transition from being in a political space to being in the environmental justice space. [08:25] Peggy gives her response to those…


Equitable Civic Engagement

Topic: National Engagement Starts with Local Engagement In This Episode: [01:18] Guest Mindy Romero is introduced. [02:14] Mindy shares if there’s a resurgence of civic engagement. [05:52] Mindy talks about whether there’s an opportunity to translate national engagement to local level engagement. [08:48] Mindy speaks about building trust with communities with local policymakers that aren’t demographically reflective. [12:26] Mindy shares…


Autodesk: Climate Change and Equity as Design Challenges

Topic: Using Design to Create Positive Impacts In This Episode: [01:29] Guest Lynelle Cameron is introduced. [01:39] Lynelle describes Autodesk. [02:48] Lynelle shares her career journey. [04:06] Lynelle discusses Paul Hawken’s new book, Drawdown. [05:17] Lynelle tells about the Autodesk Foundation. [06:41] Lynelle defines the term “design.” [07:08] Lynelle talks about climate change through the…