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Climate Adaptation

Funding Climate Adaptation

Topic: Holistic Approaches to Climate Challenges Guest & Organization: Senator Bob Wieckowski represents the 10th Senate District in the California State Legislature. The district stretches from southern Alameda County into Santa Clara County and shares the member’s focus on job creation, clean technologies, protecting our environment and reducing unnecessary regulations. Mr. Wieckowski chairs the Environmental Quality Committee and Budget…


Updates from Bonn

Topic: Adapting to a changing climate Guest & Organization: Ellie Cohen, President and CEO of Point Blue Conservation Science since 1999, is a leader in catalyzing collaborative, nature-based solutions to climate change, habitat loss and other environmental challenges. She and Point Blue’s 160 scientists work with natural resource managers, ranchers, farmers, local governments and others…


Bonn Chance

Topic: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – 2017 COP 23 Meeting Guest & Organization: Alden Meyer is director of strategy and policy for the Union of Concerned Scientists and the director of its Washington, DC, office. He provides general oversight and strategic guidance for the organization’s advocacy on energy, transportation, agriculture, and arms…


California Leading the Nation on Carbon Legislation

Topic: California’s Cap-and-Trade Program In This Episode: [01:16] Guest Arjun Patney is introduced. [02:11] Arjun describes his work at the American Carbon Registry. [04:28] Arjun explains how the California carbon market works. [07:26] Arjun talks about what was exempt from the market. [08:42] Since California is a large exporter of agricultural product, did that have a part in the decision…


Bottom Up Water Solutions

Topic: Fresh Water, Climate Change, and Community Resilience In This Episode: [02:10] Guest Rebecca Wodder is introduced. [03:19] Rebecca expresses how the first Earth Day impacted her life and career path. [05:06] Rebecca tells if fresh water has always been the focus of her environmental career. [05:48] Rebecca talks about how water affects climate change. [09:18] Rebecca explains the degree…