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Climate Adaptation

Sixth IPCC Assessment Report

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – adaptation and the national climate assessment Guest & Organization: Robert Lempert is a principal researcher at the RAND Corporation and Director of the Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition. His research focuses on risk management and decision-making under conditions of…


Oakland and the New IPCC Climate Change Report

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – acting now and bringing change to scale Guest & Organization: Daniel Hamilton serves as the Sustainability Manager for the City of Oakland, California. Daniel has 20 years of experience in managing sustainability programs, policies, and plans for local governments and utilities. He has led multiple award winning projects and…


Climate Safe Infrastructure

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – how to make infrastructure more resilient to the growing threats of climate change Guest & Organization: Cris Liban is the Executive Officer of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency. At LA Metro, Cris oversees their internationally recognized Environmental, Sustainability, and Energy initiatives. Cris has…


Transitioning Fossil Fuel Communities

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – how communities can prosper economically despite transitions Guest & Organization: Kate Gordon is an internationally recognized expert on the intersection of clean energy and economic development. She wears a number of hats including Partner on the sustainability team of RIDGE-LANE Limited Partners; Senior Advisor at the Paulson Institute;…


Transformative Equitable Resilience

Topic: Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – funding and financing resilience Guest & Organization: Joyce Coffee, is founder and President of Climate Resilience Consulting, a Certified B Corp. She is an accomplished organizational strategist and visionary leader with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors implementing resilience…